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A new digital edition: Visualization, Alignment, Treebanking

Thank you for your interest in the Digital Rosetta Stone project! The project is still ongoing and some features are still under construction, namely the treebanking.

Check out the Visual Alignment. On the base of a new photograph of the Rosetta Stone, done in June 2018 with the shape-from-shading technology (3D), we have aligned the tree versions of the text and link to the transliterations and an English translation of the text. How can you do this?

1 - Hover with your mouse arrow over the photograph. Blue shadings will indicate your position on the Rosetta Stone. Matching passages in the other versions of the text will also be displayed.

2 - While hovering a bit longer, pop ups display the transliterations of the text passages.

3 - Klick on any text passage of the photograph of the Rosetta Stone. You will be directed to the digital edition (open access) in Ugarit iAligner. There, you can see full transliterations and translations of the tree versions, conveniently aligned next to each other, and an English translation.

4 - In Ugarit iAligner, hover with your mouse over any word or word group of the transliterations or translation and see its match in the other version(s), if existing. Yes, not all the versions are 100% congruent, and some passages only exist in one version of the text. This is where our research continues.

5 - In Ugarit iAligner, while clicking on the Digital Rosetta Stone project, we provide more alignments: of the individual languages/scripts, and another synoptic version with a German translation.

Coming soon: 6 - Treebanking