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The Rosetta Stone

The "Stone of Rosette" is one of the most famous artifacts of antiquity. It is the visitor highlight at the British Museum in London. Based on this trilingual object, J. -F. Champollion deciphered the hieroglyphs in 1822.

Inventory: The British Museum,

Metadata from the Trismegistos Database:


One of the outcomes is a new depth map of the Rosetta Stone. It is published here:

University of Florida Smathers Libraries Digital Collections (local permalink):

Humanities Commons (DOI permalink):

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Please cite this as: M. Amin, A. Barmpoutis, M. Berti, E. Bozia, J. Hensel, F. Naether, 2018. "Depth map of the Rosetta Stone", under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence

Details: Algorithm: Barmpoutis et al. MVA 21 (6), 2010, pp. 989-998
Iterations: 50
Lighting Directions: 4
Resolution: 81.41 µm (12 DPI equivalent)
Digitization Date: June 28, 2018
Composed by merging 8 depth map segments.